Beauty Kotha Best Natural Beauty Hidden Tips

Want to shake up your beauty routine? Try these secrets from round the world to seem your best.

Beauty Kotha best Natural Beauty

When it comes to skincare, there is always a new trend to try, which usually comes from magazines, beauty vloggers, or professionals like estheticians. If you really want to stay ahead of the curve, though, you should pay attention to skin-care tips from other countries. Each place has its own popular beauty routine, and other people everywhere could farewell from learning from them.

1. Thailand: many of us use lemongrass as a well-liked DIY skin-care option.

Beauty Kotha Thailand Skin care

You might think of lemongrass as a popular flavor in Thai cuisine, but many people in Thailand also use it to benefit their skin.

Makeup artist and natural beauty expert Lina Hanson told Travel + Leisure that ladies in Thailand use it by “adding the stalks to hot, boiling water and steaming the face.” This is because lemongrass is antibacterial, and steaming with it cleanses the skin while opening the pores.

“Thai people are on the brink of nature and are keen to use herbs altogether aspects of our lives, including beauty,”

beauty kotha skin-care thailand

says Kaidsuda Suriyayos of Bangkok. Use tamarind oil when bathing, Suriyayos suggests-it makes the skin soft and shimmery. As well, ?it helps lessen dark spots in areas such as the ankles, elbows and armpits. Also, turmeric makes an honest body scrub; it’ll help make your skin glow.

Coconut oil, says Suriyayos, is terrific for shielding skin from the tough environment, and it benefits hair, too, by helping to bring out the shine. Finally, “aloe vera is great for healing and lightening skin, and helps to cure acne.”

2. Sweden: A Dry Home Sauna – To Clear The Skin

Beauty kotha Dry Home Sauna

Considering the freezing temperatures in Sweden, we can see how those extreme temperatures would play havoc with our skin. That is why a lot of the people there have their own dry sauna in their homes. Not only does it help them stay warm during the cold months, but it also speeds up circulation making their complexion look its best.

We already know that saunas are good for the skin. That’s the whole reason many people go to spas. But we didn’t know just how much dry saunas are capable of: reducing stress levels, easing asthma, improving skin, and easing pain. They’re just a few!

3. Mexico: Use Teaspoons As Lash Curlers – It’s Not As Dangerous As It Sounds

beauty kotha skin-care mexico

Forget eyelashes curlers. In Mexico, women use to kitchen utensils for their beauty regime – specifically spoons, which work as great eyelash curlers. Best of all, it’s easy to do. It won’t take long before we get the hang of it.

Hold the spoon horizontally in one hand so it cups your lid. The edge of the spoon should touch our upper lash line roots. Using our thumb, press the lashes against the rear of the spoon – be gentle! Then push the edge up to the ends of the lashes. We can repeat this until we’re happy with the curl and then apply mascara.

4. Singapore: Mash Avocado For A Hydrating Face Mask

beauty-kotha skin care singapore

Devouring avocados has become something of a craze here in the US. How many times have we seen avocado breakfast pics on Instagram? But mashing them and applying them to our faces isn’t something we’ve quite got into just yet. But by the sounds of it, we should, because women in Singapore swear by it for healthy, moisturized, glowing skin.

Avocado is packed with skin-friendly oils so it works as a great face mask too. Just mash the avocado after peeling and slather it all over the face. Leave it on for around 15 minutes before washing it off with water. Simple!

5. Russia: Apply Egg Yolks, Honey, And Cucumber From Head To Toe

beauty kotha skin care russia

Russia’s motto for beauty is ‘’More is more.’’ They are not afraid to go a step too far in order to acquire flawless skin. They do, after all, take skincare and beauty as a whole very seriously. However, even though they are known for their innovative beauty routines, they also follow some natural DIY treatments.

One of them is the honey, cucumber, and egg yolks mask which is applied from head to toe. It’s believed to be beneficial for the skin and body. They’re not afraid of trying something new either and are always on the lookout for innovative beauty treatments.

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