As a way to glamorous makeup salon
As a way to glamorous makeup salon

As a way to glamorous makeup salon

The will of all of us at any event or party a little separate from himself and others begin to show a little more beautiful. So how do we do it! But if he can take up some rules like the great makeup salon. So let’s get to know some great techniques mekaapera.
As a way to glamorous makeup salon

Like a glamorous makeup salon upaya

1) skin clean

Create the skin for makeup. Lahus or remove klinajara dhuyem face with good face. It will leave a stain on your makhera and miseye mekaapa be well with your skin.

2) mayescarajim

No mayescarajim with light cream or lotion on the forehead, nose, mouth, eyes and around the myaseja. Skin lotion or cream to order and wait for 1520 is mixed. Mayescarajim an important part of the makeup.

3) Foundation

After cleaning the skin will begin to phase makeup. Perfect makeup starts with a good base. The first condition is to use the Foundation’s own skin anuyaye base. The Foundation will select one or two shades lighter than your skin shade. The light color of the skin will look bright. Darakaraapanara skin shade darker color for shedding anuyaye Take the well-Free Foundation. If you sit in the makeup well. Oily face and apply the powder foundation.

4) concealers

Concealers spots on your face, to cover the dark circles under the eyes. If you buy your own skinatonera concealers along with half shade lighter than your foundation from the start. Kalodaga blemisa or to remove skin shade lighter than your foundation, concealers, then use the Black andaratonera. Dark circles under the eyes is choosing green or yellow colored concealers work well if you karabetabe acne scars, dark circles under the eyes and covered with foundation, concealers, but when not in use and will parane.

5) face powder

With a full face of makeup brush face powder brush. Powder puff or sponge provided with face powder with a light pat on the base of the base set.

6) eye makeup

The base comes in the eyes of the eyes at the top of the whole place sort of dressed palacokhera Eye Primer days. The eye shadow should be. You can dress along with two or three shades of eye shadow. Brown eye shadow can be used to add extra beauty.

7) False lyasesa

Quick artificial petals of the two eyes and the pair could not mayabi. According to the length and design of artificial petals yayapachanda the market can use any kind of lyasesa eye.

8) heat

The heat should be at eye level or below. Likuiyeda, gel, pencil eyeliners can be used in any manner. If you want to use ailainarera parenaailainara thinly painted as an alternative to the habeyadi lyasasera I want to give you thick heat can again after the first heat drying.

9) mascara

After ailainare mascara, mascara should be frequent in order to meet the palacokha. Once again, with a little bit of mascara mascara on the upper side of the upper eye during dinamasakara habepatagulo give up another hit with the other is not. Aibro eyebrows with a pencil drawing of the dry mascara brush will scratch.

10) The provisions of eyebrows

Aibro eyebrows with a pencil drawing of the eyebrows saze with the dry mascara brush will scratch. If you want to give a natural looking eyebrows, eyebrows the color of the light from the light color of the eye shadow to choose the eyebrows, let us on. He painted the color of the light to ekem eyebrows. The shape of the eyebrows with brush Set aibro.

11) lipastika

Good clean lips before lipastika ninaerapara light leap to the left or to apply Vaseline. Wait 50 seconds left to dry in the lipistika karunabhyasalina or leap day. If the lip is lipastika saze Matt. You can use heavy lipaglasa night. Lipastika for a long time to keep your lips in a shade darker lipastika should be of the first to draw the lips. Lipastika it will not spread. The tissue should be taken down. If the powder by hand pressure powder will be put back lipastike.

1) blasana

Blasana came to an end at the harness habeblasanera color pink or peach color to use as you parenaujjbala owners lighter shade of color from a dark-colored skin blasana and Shyamala or blasana can use a darker shade.

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