Fashionable little cost to yourself and to keep in tip top tips

That used to be pretty major, expensive cosmetics, the beauty parlor is not the treatment. With the use of expensive clothing and accessories there. Kari kari is for the cost of money. If so, these hyapa had relatively low cost control? For example, they could save money on makeup products like clothing or could at relatively low cost to buy? And how easy it would be nice to yourself tipatapa rakhara, is not it? Read some tips.
Tips for keeping your own fashionable and low-cost tipatapa

Fashionable little cost to yourself and to keep in tip top tips

1. Using mascara for a long time

If you do not use a lot of mascara mascara dries up. In this case, mascara bottle of olive oil and salt misrata Pour water. And then dipped in a cup of hot water for a few minutes, place the bottle inside the mascara.

2. Makeup remover

Rimubharera makeup makeup can make the way home. To makeup baby oil, baby shampoo, you can use olive oil. This is your home, and to make up these elements is quite effective.

3. Home spra Treatment

Kari kari cost of treatment is to spra parlor? Spra the best ways to know what treatment room? Kasuma at the beginning of the day to take a shower with hot water. Stand at the end of bathing in cold water for 15 seconds. Please eikajati twice. This method is a bath to hydrate the body. It replenishes your skin to glow from the inside out to do. The spa treatments outside the country, the price of $ 95!

4. Get rid of acne home pack

Parlor acne treatment can remove acne using the domestic pack. Janice Cox, Author of Natural Beauty at Home (Henry Holt & Company) said in a pack to prevent acne. Straraberi 1/4 cup, 1/4 cup yogurt mixed pack to create. Leave on for 15 minutes. Then wash well with water. Straraberite syalika acid is removed from the skin that has acne.

5. Use old lipstick

If you lipistika lot, but you do not buy a new lipistika old lipstick can create a new color lipstick. Vintage Lipstick melting micro-wave, then the mix Lip Balm. The lipstick has been created a whole new look.

6. Covering the mouth and remove stains easily

Two sheds light on one of the black spots on the face concealers rub. Use the Foundation. Jessica LiebeskindNew York City-based makeup artist, the light spots of the skin concealers and foundations to mixed well with the skin. Brush to use concealers instead of using the finger is used less concealers.

7. Mausumabihina purchases will save money

Keep warm during the winter clothes to buy. At the end of the winter to keep buying winter clothes for the winter a lot of money to get less. Sometimes there are a lot of discount stores at this time.

8. Banana skin to remove asperities

12 am to mash ripe bananas or ayadokoda. Then the face of it, leave it for 15 minutes. When dry wash with water.