Suitable for any skin like sunscreen

Suitable for any skin like sunscreen

Winter, summer, monsoon should not be stopped any time use a sunscreen. The intensity of the sun on our skin is very birupabhabe impressed. So we should use sunscreen according to the skin type. Let us do not know what kind of sunscreen for skin useful.

How can a skin sunscreen upayogi

Suitable for any skin like sunscreen

For oily skin

For oily skin should use a sunscreen that is not common. This leads to irritation of acne. For oily skin, the water levels of the water-based sunscreen should be chosen. The sunny and you can get rid of skin problems. Do not use more than 30 levels of SPF sunscreens featuring moisturizing ingredients.

For dry and rough skin

Separate kinds of dry and rough skin, there is a need to use a sunscreen. If you use a sunscreen on the skin of rough skin became more dry and rough. So hard to pick a sunscreen with moisturizer for dry skin. Use sunscreen with SPF 30 more than at the same level.

For normal skin

Choosing a sunscreen for normal skin does not need to be too bachabachi. Sunscreen SPF level of 30 to 50 because the skin works well. Good waterproof sunscreen should be used only for normal skin. As a result, the skin sunscreen on the skin, but will be sweating.