Suddenly the ankle is hurting
Suddenly heel pain?

Solve your heel pain treatment

Are you feeling Suddenly the ankle/heel is hurting? Then do not be worry about that just follow the step and cured fully.Now I am telling you about that

Ankle pain refers to any kind of pain or discomfort in your ankles. This pain can be caused by an injury, sort of a sprain, or by a medical condition, like arthritis.

What to do if you do not lose the ability to walk out!

1. Planter phesiyatisa ligaments are connected to the ankle bone. This ligament if too much pressure is associated with an ankle became inflamed tissues, causing pain. In most cases, after taking a long time to rest or feel more pain after waking up in the morning.

2. Flat feet increases the risk of pain in the ankle. In most cases, this problem tinaejaradera. The ankle bone age is not perfect. It is a very quick decay.

3. Girls’ dress shoes high heels ankle bone pain before the development is completed. As a result of the use of shoes, ankle pressure is very strong for a long time. The ankle from behind or from the ankle to feel pain. Then it gradually increased.

4. Heel pain is the nerve at the back of the leg presses.

5. Too much exercise, such as walking works Sports and the bones of the ankle pressure, from which the bone fracture. The people who run them, the problem is heel pain.

6. Paine Hill could be a problem from a variety of diseases. In most cases, children between 7-15 years of ankle pain. Although astiosporosisa ankle pain.

7. When the blood uric acid increased, if bone cysts are Pen Hill.

Know when to call a doctor?

1. Once the ankle swelling.

2. If the ankle to numb the pain and fever.

3. When walking problems, foot problems or to fold up the issue in tow.

4. If heel pain for more than a week, in addition to the pain when walking or standing immediately consult a specialist.

Ankle pain What to do?

1. To avoid the problem, use a soft shoe heels pane. Sturdy walking shoes or can not be waved over the place.

2. If muscle pain, weight control should be.

3. If vitamin deficiency should be controlled.

4. Vitamin C and Vitamin E to eat more.

5. You should eat more fruits and green leafy vegetables.

6. Cod liver oil is beneficial to avoid pain.

7. Marine fish to eat.

8. Need to drink more water.

9. Do not eat spicy foods more than oil.

10. Coconut water and fruit to eat more.