Know the proper way to use lipstick

There is no lipstick pair look to bring back the soul.We should Know the proper way to use lipstick.What a great choice for any woman lipstick!. Do not get perfect makeup except lipstick. No lipastike would look like, how it would look like this – sometimes ambivalent about it to fall? Some details remained tips for you to apply lipstick.
Know the proper way to use lipstick

1) How to tinker with lipstick

– Take your lips first powder. Then apply lipstick. There will no longer lipstick.

– First choose should be of. The lipstick color should be of a dark color, choose ekaseda than tinker.
– Please outline your lips with lipalaina. Stick to the outer corner towards the center point should be of the lip.
– should be of the upper lip down to the end of Do not tinker with.
– lower lips should be of such a turn so that the upper lip touches lipalainake.
– Leap can put lipstick with a brush. Lip shape can be understood better. Autaoyarda apply brush strokes leap from the Center. With tissue paper to remove excess lipstick.
– Do not put lipstick if you want to just put lipaglasa leap through the brush and apply.
– If you have dark skin wrinkles such as lipstick shade like dark lipstick Do not use merunera. More rough look.
– After applying lipstick open mouth smile looking at the mirror. Do not cover up the whole lip is easy to understand.

2) You need to choose the right lipstick shade

– Pink color presses or lighter shade of lipstick is applied to the surface as well. Do not use fluorescent color.
– Do not tinker with lipstick shade orange skin color is yellow coloring. Brown, Copper, bronze, coral, choose the color of the brick Rede. They are suitable for all skin types.
– Dark Red Use night for the occasion. However, as a very dark color, do not use dark maroon. Dark Red, baragendi, deep coral, plum, wine Rede can use the color.

How long will the lip lipstickHow long will the lip lipstick