“Pluck eyebrows, should or should not be done after the skincare

After-pluck eyebrows skincare you should and should not do, the many unknown factors. A website rupacarcabisayaka ‘pluck eyebrows, “What should be done and what must not be the direction of some of the highlights.

Here are the things to be noted.

– To pluck brows, the face must be washed with cold water. This will open the lomakupagulo shrinks and the skin will be red-coloring away. Aloe vera gel on the skin or in the rose water jbaluni felt the benefits of grids can be found.

– To pluck brows after intense sunlight must be avoided as much as possible. Chlorine-rich water to avoid hot steam and the next 4 hours. The skin becomes very sensitive to pluck eyebrows. So the sun, the skin irritation caused by excessive heat, and chlorine-rich water can be felt.

– After plucking the parts of the skin are fitted with hands repeatedly. Because it spreads the bacteria stick later. When the pore is open, so as to pluck the risk of infection is high.

– 4 hours subsequent to pluck meikaapa should refrain from using. Anti-Aging Night Cream or cream tbakatuku the parts should be avoided. Open-pore may be closed because of heavy cream.

– However, if the skin is too dry can be felt jbaluni. Therefore, the light should put any moisturizer.