Pickled beef recipes

I have heard the names are different rituals. But the ways of the flesh? Yes, you heard right, many favorite beef seasoning. Let’s assume that, to be wild about this dish recipe creation.

Pickled beef recipes

Pickled beef recipes

Pickled beef recipes

Materials :

Beef or mutton (half a kg),

Mango pickles or olives (3/4 tablespoon)

Onion into julienne strips (two cups)

Garlic paste (1 tablespoon)

Ginger paste (1 tablespoon)

Cumin paste (1 tablespoon)

Mustard paste (1 tablespoon)

Chili powder (1 tablespoon)

Yellow (1 tablespoon)

Cinnamon (3/4 T)

Chilies (5/6)

Cheese (half a cup),

Oil (1 cup)

Sugar (parimanamata).


Slice the meat and paste with spices, spice powder, salt, cheese smeared well, and 1 hour of the day. Now the oil is hot, fry the meat and onions, red kasana well. Now cook the meat with warm water. In fact dried up, pickles, sugar, chilies, cinnamon and arrange and serve with roast meat well.