If you do not forgotten that acne in 5

If you do not forgotten that acne in 5

People who suffer from acne problems found in the charge. Both boys and girls to go through this problem. Acne is quite disturbed by all of this problem. From the left, but the stubborn stains of acne. And how much of this is used to stain the cream. But you know what acne is permanent and some are responsible for acne spots. Some habits are permanent marks on the skin of your acne. When acne should refrain from doing something.

1. Additional face wash

Wash your face twice a day is good for the skin. It keeps the skin clean skin by removing dirt, dust and sand. But acne face should be cleaned once a day. Extra dry skin is to wash your face. Dry skin produces more oil. Which increases the tendency of acne.

2. Extra eksaphaliyeta

Eksaphaliyeta be harmful for the skin a few times a week. The face acne breaks, the bacteria enter the skin causing more acne. Eksaphaliyeta time to refrain from acne.

3. Using nails brane

Almost all of the girls to do the same thing can be seen in acne, the acne pricking with nails. This action is permanent spots on the skin and acne. Pricking with nails acne, refrain from scratching.

4. Additional Product Use

Acne products for a variety of uses. When sometimes cinnamon powder paste. Many products use the same brane skin acne, as well as skin damage is permanent.

5. Stay away from dandruff

Acne occurs when a lot of dandruff. Keep hair clean regularly. Make arrangements to remove hair dandruff occurs.