The method of gray hair

The method of gray hair

Nowadays, most people less than age 5 are gray. Once the root of the hair was white, it seems much more natural way. Many of these problems, dyed black hair ink had bought a whole. Plenty of different kinds of chemical elements kalapagulote hair, which is very harmful for hair. These elements can increase hair fall out and rough hair. A little white hair, do not use dyes to cover different approach may be followed. It is quite fashionable to show you do not have hair loss. Know the method of gray hair

1) Mehdi
Mehdi gray hair covered an original pracalana set. Many decades ago, henna was used to cover gray hair. To the henna color more intense and Coffee Liquor Mix catechu. If you have a dark brown color to your hair.

Ii) change part my side
If one side of the part my simthita becomes much wider. Once part my wide crown of the head is more common. The root of the hair is more visible. I part my hair should be changed frequently.

3) Keep the hair a little bit proud
Bloat is a little less hair, white hair can be seen. Regular shampoo to keep hair feeling a little swelling. Swelling of the hair coloring hair is sukaleo blow dryer. They comb their hair, there is no swelling and feeling the opposite way from the beginning to the end of the hair combed through the hair’s a little bit proud.
The method of gray hair
4) Use a scarf or cap
You can cover gray hair and a scarf wrapped. Byandana boys cap or cover gray hair will be easier to use. Another advantage is the use of scarves in their hair, so hair does not have to vacuum the rate will be reduced.

5) Temporary Color
After tying the hair roots can be seen in a long time, a little bit of white hair. If you want to cover them with makeup Eye Shadow or brown color that can be covered. Many are covered with mascara. Water Proof, if it is not, but it is likely to spread in the face of ghamale.

6) queue Bind
Try to cover part my hair obstacles. Part my hair in the white race is the most obvious reason. Bind braiding hair from the front of the overturned. French queue or can palm tress. It will take more fashionable than the general queue.

Many bent over to get rid of gray hair cut. When gray hair pulled phalikalera hair loss and other hair becomes weak base. As a result, increased hair fall. Different types of stress, anxiety and depression as a result of increased tendency for getting gray hair. So do not worry too much about gray hair black hair Take care of the rest.