Make Hair Silky sparkling home to 3 herbal shampoo

Silky hair sparkling beauty of women increases. Some people are born that way is hair. Some women’s hair rough, dry is lifeless. Many people do not know a lot of different treatment of the hair, using the product, causing the hair becomes rough and lifeless. Rough, lifeless hair shampoo in the house can make dazzling animated. Kemikyalamukta in this room syampusyampu you can create the room elements.

1. The cucumber and lemon shampoo

Take out the peel cucumbers. Take a cucumber and a lemon, then kucie. Blend the cucumber machine, with a blend of lemon, please. Now it is a bottle filled with a good shake. Drug addiction was the cucumber-lemon syampu. Hair soaked with water and then use the shampoo. Karunahalka massage the palm of the hand for a few minutes and wash your hair with lukewarm water. Please use the shampoo twice a week. Lots of sasate anti-oxidant and provides many essential nutrients are nutrients in the hair from the inside. Even the shampoo helps hair retain the pH balance. Crown of the head lemon oil, dirt is clean.
Make Hair Silky sparkling home to 3 herbal shampoo
2. Coconut Shampoo made dudhara

One cup of coconut milk, six tablespoons of almond oil, coconut oil soap and a cup 0 eyasensiyala oil droplets. A bottle of coconut milk, almond oil and coconut oil soaps and mix. Now take a few minutes to shake. You can also mix the oil eyasensiyala. Use shampoo to clean the hair. This can save a month without shampoo refrigerator.

3. Coconut oil and oil eyasensiyala

12 Pure baby shampoo, disatileteda 1/8 cup water, 1/4 cup rose water, two tablespoons of coconut oil and 5 drops of Lemon oil eyasensiyala mix well. Use it nimita hair. Chemicals released into the syamputi Silky hair and sparkling clean hair sbasthyojbala.