Magical oil to prevent hair fall

The main problem is hair fall to all women. This problem is more common in the rainy season. This time, the air is more humid than the skin and hair loss. So this time should be given to oil hair regularly. There is no alternative to provide nutrition hair oil. Many folks do not want to put viscous oil, hair oil. And the biggest mistake you’ve made. Silky hair oil provides nourishment to the hair root, which makes shiny. We usually market coconut oil, peanut oil use. Oil myrobalan quite effective to prevent hair fall.

Read a hundred hair every day is normal. But when it concerns more than hair. Start fall hair as it can prevent the use of this oil. Those who can not take care of the hair because of time constraints, they can use this oil. With only two components of the oil is very easy to create.

Magical oil to prevent hair fall

Which will require :

  1. Dry myrobalan
  2. Coconut oil

How to create:

1. 4-5 minutes to heat one cup of coconut oil a day.

2. Myrobalan with dry days. Simmer amalakisaha the oil.

3. Remove from the oven down to the color turns brown.

4. Take the oil separates from the strain myrobalan.

5. A few minutes later apply massage oil.

6. Keep all night, the next day to remove shampoo.


The oil not only helps to grow new hair. Scalp blood flow is increased. Myrobalan helps to strengthen hair roots. Use it two days a week.