Magic formula for the perfect beautiful skin

For beautiful skin face, it-it’s so many things you knead. But you know what, these chemicals do to your skin causing serious damage? Do not rub the skin has rarely been so nice these products, as well as spending the money instead to go to the opposite if you are old. What to do? Very little effort to get to know the perfect formula for a witch’s beautiful skin.

Only 3 components are mixed to learn how to create a great cream. This is a great formula to keep your skin beautiful and tense, that will remove dry, oily and will not be read at your beautiful face will not give the impression of age.
Magic formula for the perfect beautiful skin
Magic formula for the perfect beautiful skin

Magic formula for the perfect beautiful skin

Which will require to make cream :

  • It’s pure coconut oil 12 cups (if you like home-made)
  • 1 tablespoon liquid vitamin E (out of the liquid inside the capsule will be purchased)
  • Essential lavender few drops of oil (foreign cosmetics to stores. Or stores say they will bring. Essential oil price seems a bit high, but you can create a bottle Dian food many times. So the cost will be very high).

Method to create and use
Mix all ingredients together. Then work with kautaya Keep refrigerated. Do not let the sun take.
Once created, you can use it for a long time.

Apply the cream in the morning and evening massage. Take a small amount at all, does not require the use of a good thing than never.

Regular use of a few days to see if you are getting good results from long mayesacaraijara use.
The way this cream works

  • This will dry the skin soft as cream, so oily skin more oily will, without a tender.
  • Coconut oil acts as a natural sunscreen, so you will be forcing out the sun.
  • Vitamin E to keep skin tight and the skin is very effective to maintain youth.
  • Also as vitamin E and lavender heal damaged skin.
  • Coconut oil has anti-bacterial and anti-phangala attributes, which keeps the skin from assorted problems.
  • This can put the cream on the skin of the body. Very effective to remove stretch marks.