Keep in mind that the dress color

Keep in mind that the dress color

Fashion or style, color is very important. So what kind of fashion dress up, wear clothes the color is more important. A person in fashion, but aware of how much it depends on the color of her dress. Carry your personality, your dress color. So if any of you know what the color of the shirt, you agree more.
Keep in mind that the dress color

Keep in mind that the dress color

Keep in mind that the dress color

1. Family party, in a comparative bright colors than you admit. If the light-colored clothing at night during the summer to You agree better. The light meruna, dark sky, myajenda, Silver, Bottle Green, Deep Pink, the color of clothing to wear.
2. There is usually spend several days visiting the course. In this case, the light-colored posakai most useful. Wear light-colored clothing when out traveling out of you, but it would seem so fresh and vivid.

3. Commutes risk means to office. In this case, in light colors. Because hot weather can make you crash. The white, sky blue, round, light pink, etc. Give precedence over color. Formal dress to wear to the office, but if this could be the Ideal colors.

4. College campus means students are to wear formal clothing. In most cases, the campus is the time from morning until noon. Wearing light-colored clothing so as to agree to convert, so you will feel comfortable. In this case, light green, white, ash, pink, you can read about the color of clothing. Wearing light-colored clothing in hot weather, but you will feel less discomfort from the heat.

5. Talk to the younger generation what it means to die, like a festival. But the sandhyabelatei chat accumulation. So the sooner I can wear bright colored clothing. It can be white or cream Ideal ranao. Also tute, yellow, light green, brown dress suit quite well.

Other tips:

1. Skin color, height and weight, wear suitable clothes.

2. Thai people can be obese later in Patiala can use the tight fashion. Leggings can avoid.

3. Long sleeves or three-quarter Sleeve cubits whom they refer to clothes. Do not wear short sleeves or simply Sleeve Lace.

4. If the structure of your body fat with a quilt of small brush to keep their saris. If you wear their saris with thin julienne strips, and many look slim.

5. Check the small print blouse or straight, who are thick-cut blouse wear three-quarter.

6. Shoulder width of the V-shaped neck blouse or can curidare. The more fat you will not be considered.