How to remove lip nigrescent

How to remove lip nigrescent

A symbol of the beauty of the lips, the lips of many is by birth a little dark. Natural pink lip due to the neglect and indifference of some of the bad habits that destroy the mood became dark and dirty. Some of the rules and take care of the regular lip largely possible to remove the dark coloring. There are many aspects of beauty that is imperfect, which is to disrupt your form to develop. This is an aspect of your lips. For the lip like a little more Jantar be taken. Understand that your beauty became more glamorous. Assume that a few simple steps to remove lip nigrescent.

Know how to remove lip nigrescent :

1. Use lip nigrescent to remove the bottom of the pack:

Keep refrigerated a few drops of lemon juice mixed with a little cold to take fuller’s earth. Rub lightly on the lips of cotton soaked in the mix after ten minutes and wash with cold water.

II. As such, they are the natural lip balm on the lips or use cyapastika always.

3. Skim milk or raw milk is slightly shorter, and put them on the frozen cream lips occasionally, it will be soft lips.

4. Cleansing Milk lips every night before going to sleep or after some time and put cold cream, then remove with a wet cotton set light to go to sleep narisim Cream.

5. Do not leave too much time to dry lips.

6. Always use glycerin lips and keep them fresh.

7. Keep soap away from the lips. Phesaoyasa unauthorized or alkali soap can be fitted.

8. Keep clear of the mouth, if necessary, use mauthaoyasa.

9. Of milk per day mixed with a little lemon juice and apply it on the lips, lip kalobhaba will disappear quietly. If you use it twice a week nigrescent It will disappear slowly.

10. When invited to eat somewhere before applying lipstick with a lip paphe little Tyalakama powder and apply on the tap. It will sit on lipstick lip.

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