Healthy spicy cup of tea in the afternoon

There is no alternative to keep the body refreshed and invigorated. If the breakfast table, as there is not a cup of tea, a cup of tea in the afternoon, so the whole day to forget klantitai. The tea is a spicy again, then there’s nothing. A taste of spiced tea mix is ​​very different means.

Spices, tea, sugar and milk are usually stays with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, spices zoyana etc., which are rich in medicinal attributes. These are masalaya vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and essential mineral kerotina brings additional health benefits. This tea is very small amount of caffeine. According to Ayurvedic theory, spices, tea, refresh and invigorate the body material used and the cheerful mind.

Healthy spicy cup of tea in the afternoon

Healthy spicy cup of tea in the afternoon

Healthy spicy cup of tea in the afternoon

Benefits spiced tea

Spices, tea, used to prevent diseases of all masalai performance. Use spices like drinking a cup of hot tea can increase the manifold benefits. Spices, herbal tea or as a result of the use of lower doses of caffeine they contain kareete to help digest than normal milk tea, the tea is less harmful. Seasonal cold and cough to prevent the tea a very nice job. Assorted spices, tea, spices of the many issues you may be.
Spices, tea drinking can be hot or cold conditions. It is better to drink hot. This is quite easy to create a healthy spice tea. Let’s see how spices, tea can be made in a short time.


Water II Cup

Elaca two

Darucini two

Labanga 3/4

1/4 teaspoon joyana

Cini teaspoon

Pata teaspoon of tea

2 cup milk

Method of

* Containers with water and cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and a young man with a good Boil guro. Then let the tea leaves. Alpa misrantike boil heat. When the mixture starts to boil, then let it know.

* Once the milk and mix the water and half dry.

* In this situation, the strain more than two minutes to boil and filter nimiye.

If you want to increase the sweetness of sugar and mix the tea with honey *.

Now what, you like to enjoy breakfast with a nice cup of tea healthy.