Healthy Pancake Recipes

Healthy pancakes recipe: we are provided the Great pancakes healthy recipes for you

Who says you can not, as well as taste and health? Loves to eat pancakes, but if the situation does not become consumed by thoughts of health is so, then check out this recipe. Great pancakes “healthy” recipes.

pancakes recipe

Healthy Pancake Recipes


Holamila flour 1 cup
Half teaspoon baking powder
Two tablespoons of sugar (if you want to, you can honey, sugar can also)
Egg 1
1 cup milk
Tablespoon of butter or olive oil (to melt)
A little olive oil/butter (for frying)


One word: buttermilk. “The acidity within the buttermilk makes the tenderest pancakes,” Westmoreland says. “For best leavening results, reduce the leaven within the recipe below to 2 teaspoons and add 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 

It’s simple: Don’t over mix the dry and wet ingredients. “First, put all of your dry ingredients into an outsized bowl and whisk to include the leavening(s) with the flour and sugar and obtain obviate any lumps,” Westmoreland recommends. “In another bowl, whisk your wet ingredients in the order that the egg, milk, butter, and flavoring are completely blended. Once that’s done, pour the wet ingredients within the bowl of dry ingredients and provides it a couple of whisks, just until all the flour is moistened.” there is no need to mix the batter until all lumps are gone because they’ll dissolve naturally.

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