The girls wear summer clothing

I was not too loose fittings jamakapara during the summer when it is like. Haineka wear the collar a little heat, but they can see the big thaw. Phatuyaya shirt and scored, V, more than four out of the corner and the metro throat. Summer dress with sleeves has changed. Megi, slibhalesa, short sleeves are used. Violet rays of the sun, keeping the three-quarter sleeves with others shirt, vest, blouse is made.
The girls wear summer clothing
Many people have been thinking about summer slibhalesa dressed. Full Sleeve wear black arm in fear of others. Slibhalesa Trendy quite comfortable and if the home has little time for hand care. And they must wear flowers Sleeve wear looser. It will be less warm. Or you can wear Sleeve Sifon fabric flowers.
The girls wear summer clothing
Summer clothing of choice is often suffer phyasanapremidera hesitation edge. Of course all of this heat must avoid artificial. Aside from thin cotton cloth dress hot low costs, on the other hand will be comfortable. As a result, you can work comfortably. Handloom and Khadi is wearing thin robe at the time.
Light and comfortable to be a good summer dress. Keep in mind that dress absorb less heat. Therefore, cotton clothes comfortable for everyday use. However dhupiyana, Boyle, chicken and handloom fabrics is quite useful for the summer. No festival or night, any party can wear linen, muslin or thin sucking Qatar.

Color may be white, standard color. Also pink, olive green, sky, light yellow, light magenta ghiye light shade in the heat to get the colors. Black or dark-colored clothing absorbs more heat. So, do not wear colored clothes.

Female or children’s clothing style should be light in color. White, ghiye, gray, light blue, brown, dark brown, off-hoyaitasaha ranerai clothes at all. Boys dress in printed or checked fabric shirt comfortable summer. Wearing a loose shirt, sweat clothes will not be lost. It is better to use light-colored clothes. Such as white, light purple, light phrebrika printed checks, monochrome vest can wear the collar band.

Clothing and clothing colors to avoid black intelligence. Yathasambha wearing light-colored or white, good for summer.
The girls wear summer clothing
The accumulation of heat in the body sweat can lead to fungal infections. Sweat folds of the body, especially the groin, between the fingers and the jananange the way the fungus infection that spread. Therefore, the yeast infection can not be given to avoid the accumulation of body sweat bhamjagulote.

Chatrakabirodhi powder may be necessary to spread these places. Underwear and socks every day to clean.

The heat in the body can lead to prickly heat. If you want to prevent prickly heat itching Antihistamines are drugs intake, as well as find ways to get rid of prickly heat. To get rid of prickly heat are not allowed to wear synthetic clothing. Loose cotton clothing to wear all the time. The body is not the accumulation of sweat, should be ensured. Clean water to have a shower. Bathing can be repeated if necessary. Tyalakama powder molding the body is better than not. Pour the body loose cotton bed-night sleep, better dressed.

The priority should be to get comfortable summer clothing fabric type, color and design. Cotton can easily absorb sweat and comfortable to wear. In addition to the girls Andy cotton, chiffon, cotton, quotas, dhupiyana, lilenera clothing can select. Blakaprinta on cotton, embroidery, screen printing and diversity can bring light cotton clothes to work.

In that match the color of your chosen dress well. Avoid black color as much as possible. Because of the intensity of the sun is high in the summer. The black-colored clothing absorbs more of the sun’s heat. As a result, the color of the dress will be too hot.