Fuller’s earth has been in use since ancient times rupacarcaya. To increase the brightness of the skin, there is no alternative to the use of fuller’s earth stain. It is clear skin without any side effects. This is familiar ground, just skin, hair Care is used. This is to clean the hair with the hair to mujabuta, remove dandruff hair is more beautiful and sasthyajjala. Scalp absorb excess oil is the blood of the just.

Fuller’s earth, beautiful hair sparkling Hair Pack 4 :
Let us assume that, fuller’s earth by using some hair pack.For dry hair
Fuller's earth, beautiful hair sparkling Hair Pack 4
Fuller’s earth, beautiful hair sparkling Hair Pack 4

4 teaspoon fuller’s earth, to create a pack of 12 cups of yogurt. Apply this pack is good for hair. After 12 hours, wash with shampoo. It prevents hair fall is to act as a natural conditioner. With this pack you can add lemon juice. Lemon juice is out of your hair dandruff. Two tablespoons of honey can be added to Silky hair neat.
For oily hair
3/4 tablespoon fuller’s earth in a bowl, mixing powder 12 tablespoons ritha Keep a pack. Mix pack 1 / two hours of the day. Gorasaha the hair and apply the hair well. 10/15 minutes later, it’s best to remove the shampoo. This pack will strengthen your hair and Silky.
Rough hair
Silky hair fuller’s earth ruksma to work very well. Put the olive oil to shampoo your hair the night before. Keep your hair with a towel soaked in hot water in the morning, around 1 hour. The fuller’s earth, and apply to hair pack made with yogurt. When dry wash hair with shampoo in the pack. Use once a week to get results in this pack.
To strengthen the hair
1 cup fuller’s earth, 5 teaspoons rice powder, 1 egg white, a little water to make a pack. The total gorasaha pyakati hair and apply hair well. When the pack dry shampoo wash. This is the root of your hair is stronger.Fuller use of the mud pack will have to scratch the hair very well. If you want to get good results in the previous night to keep tediye hair.