Fit with clothing makeup

Fit with clothing makeup

Perfect Eye makeup can add to your charm and personality Different. If you do not conform with the dress eye makeup may be the sajatai soil. Nail-polish on a subject as important as the eye makeup. It is also important to pick the nail-polish on the clothing. Nail behind the dazzling beauty of the dress attracted the most attention. So this may be a little nail-polish undernourished because sajatai break. Fitting dress with matching eye makeup and nail-polish to learn some of the rules in order to avoid problems with wear.
Fit with clothing makeup

Eye makeup:

Eye makeup Eye makeup with a note that would be nifty gorgeous dress lighter shade.
The black, gray or brown eye shadow can try. Take ailaina drawing eye shadow with the heat. Take place in the middle of drawing a little more bold. In the following pages, I use a pencil. Finally Take Masakara thick layer.
Bring color dress with black or gray eyes look Shima. Look for bringing Dark and Light both Shima and apply eye shadow mixed. Formal Wear light with the use of eye makeup.

Nail makeup:

Another important part of nail-polish your style statement. Nail-polish your personality will fit with unique clothing. To add a gorgeous touch to dress lighter shade of black, brown or chocolate shades can be used. Shyamala whose skin color pink or purple shade they can try. Note fuzz color is not so awkward.

Many people think that if you put nail-polish matched with clothing like the color, it is not right. If you choose neutral colors darker shade of nail-polish. Red sari with red lipstick and nail-polish will be very awkward. Avoid nail-polish color presses lighter shade. Instead, use a darker matte nail-polish. It will take more than good. And those who do not want to do any experiment, they choose to close your eyes Natural Shades.

Keep in mind a few things:

1 / Do not choose any clothing with exact matching eye shadow. I do not like to see it at all.

2 / whose eyes are small, dark eye shadow to try. Choose a light eye shadow and big eyes.

3 / eyelids, use smaller Masakara Long Lash. The eyelids are thin, then you can try Masakara volume.

4 / Night function, you can easily smoky eye makeup.

5 / person if you prefer red dress, and they can be a little bolder I mekaape. Take the lash line drawing with a bold black liner. Use Dark Masakara. Eye Lash Eye Lash small curls, or if you can get a false lash try. Interfacing with the Green, Gray, Blue sedaguloo can use.