The eyes are large and easy makeup Style

The eyes are large and easy makeup Style

The eyes are large and easy makeup Style
Women’s beauty is in the eyes of the body. Only his eyes adjust to the curb. Sajake is understood to harness the eyes of many. The shape is not the end of the anguish in his eyes. Ish! My eye was a bit bigger! Everyone has heard such a thing. These spasms can be removed with makeup. Some of the makeup simple steps you can make your own choice of the shape of the eye. Some simple strategies can make makeup more interesting adding to your eyes.

Which will:

Highlighter pencil nude
Brush Size 4
Nude eye shadow
Brush Size 3
Brush Size 30

How to Do:

1. First highlighter (any color of light use) and business highlights for the eye’s inner Cole. With the exception of the middle part of the eye to the outer drawing with highlighter Cole.

2. Bhruyera with the lower part of the same highlighter and a small inner eyelid by applying highlighter. Take the good with the brush and the eyelids.

3. Take a nude eye shadow, light, or the eyelids. Take the inner corners of the eye better.

4. Draw on the outer corners of the eye shadow darker than ever.

5. The heat from the corner of the eye to the middle of the drag along.

6. Carla put mascara on the eyes and remove the petals curl.

7. Now look at yourself in the mirror, eyes are adding great looks?