An easy way to quickly thick black long hair

An easy way to quickly thick black long hair

Dark long hair who does not want to be a right. Needless to say, it treats the importance of our beauty and hair. But the day-negligence and indifference of many mistakes that we could destroy this symbol of beauty. Dark long hair, such as the right to not be noticed. But in the hands of the main strategies to increase hair density. These little tips to quickly increase the density of hair is much more effective. Dark long hair, easy to learn quickly upaya

1) Do not use shampoo in each bath
Hair is important to keep clean, but each bath time to use shampoo for hair is not healthy at all. Use extra shampoo and hair of natural oils away, causing the hair does not grow easily. Therefore, the hair shampoo at least 1 day in a row.

B) Do not keep wet towels round
Many hair for drying wet hair after a bath is very harmful for the hair, which was toyaletei round. The Orthodox Hair is very soft, which leads to hair fall. Hair growth can be reduced. Take a shower after recovering from a fan in the air to dry out the hair. And of course the hair winnowing do the work.

3) the use of oil
The density of hair oil there is no alternative for rapid growth. Hair growth oil works as much as any other chemicals that can enrich the material. At least 3 days a week in hot oil to massage the hair root. At least 1 day of the week, castor oil, olive oil and amanda Samaparimane oil should be mixed with hair. Hair is also rapidly increasing.

4) focus on food
Not only outwardly the inner essential nutrients to hair growth. If you diet and nutritious food to support the growth of hair to be addressed immediately if the hair growth. For faster hair growth vitamins E, A, folic acid, Keep a daily diet of foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

5) attention to the hair during the day
Wipe out a lot of hair combing, hair strain, one of the causes of hair tangled Do not make the mistake of being exceeded. The hair is soft to the Orthodox, leads to hair fall and break the hair. Take the time to comb the hair very well

6) Say yes kemcike
Many folks have long hair or hair density to keep cutting the hair is not right at all. But at least 1 inch of hair cut from 6 to 10 weeks in a row is very important for hair. It cracked the ends which will help the hair to grow.