Drinking alcohol is liver damage? How to consume alcohol is jaundice?

Jaundice is very familiar in our country. Known liver disease jaundice. Yellow eyes and prasrarera ransaha the whole body symptoms of jaundice. Operara our stomach at the right side of the liver. The most important part of the human liver. It is the job of the metabolic control of the body. Protein, and fat substances sakara to regulate the metabolism and the energy production in the liver. Various hormones and enzymes from the liver is produced. The lever is made from the plasma proteins and blood clotting factors bamdharabibhinna. That is secreted from the liver into the bile or piorasa helps the metabolism of fat foods. The liver is essential for our survival. Every moment of the liver is the body’s blood. To see whether there is blood in the liver and in the blood of all the right ingredients harmful if there is no substance. If low blood glucose is stored in the liver and blood glucose glakojera to fill it more leverage when it is deposited as glakojera.We have many things that can hurt liver disease or drink. Wine is one of them. However, alcohol is more intensity in our country. Lately, however, the growing upper-class family. The lower the intensity of the wine-making in critical condition. These are several ways to destroy liver cells. Some medicines, such as paracetamol, which use easily, but the levels of the liver cells are affected. Mainly in the liver metabolism of alcohol. First esitaladihaide alcohol varies. The changes are made esitaladihaida acetate. Enajaimabyabahuta bikriyate This action is different. Thus, at the end of the reaction of fatty acids acetate is produced, it is becoming different actions. Excessive amounts of these fatty acids are then stored in the liver. The result is the destruction of liver cells.

Alcohol poisoning, liver damage that is

Fatty liver “in her head. But to me that this condition variable. Closing the lever back to its previous status of alcohol consumption can get. Wine is a complex substance basayanika. Metabolaita many toxic products of metabolism that action. The presence of these inflammatory changes in the liver can be seen in various forms. Madika called hepatitis. When inflammation occurs in the liver, jaundice, abdominal pain, and the liver becomes larger. Cirrhosis of the liver inflammation that is a long time if they are. The combination of normal liver can be damaged. Can liver metabolic functions properly. As a result of clogged stomach and legs, jaundice can be seen and there was a different complexity. Many complexities of the patient becomes unconscious. As a result, the brain and the kidneys are affected. Just how much liver damage from alcohol are not specifically say. The reason is related to body weight, size, shape, etc. The close relationship of disease prevention. Many people 5-10 years of continuous consumption of alcohol is sick.