Some discussion about BB (BB) with cream

New trends in the BB cream. Foundation can not be used every day. Every day we can use instead of the Foundation BB cream. Moreover, BB cream is a multi parapaja cream. BB cream was not very long. Just a few years. The BB cream make-up of the rest of the world has. Bangladesh, India has been on the 01 BB cream. Mainly India, Thailand, China made at the BB cream is available in our country. More than all his moves Garnier, Lakme, Ponds, Maybelline and so on.
What is BB Cream?
In 1950, Germany’s daramatalajista Christine thought about BB creams. All you need is something that will fill the skin. BB cream, which means that the left face beauty spots, redanesa, serve the needs of sunscreens featuring moisturizing ingredients. BB cream is Korea for nearly 30 years. Korean BB cream better than all fairly. Korean market has been so popular that it is, and then come to America in Asia.
BB cream work?
01. BB cream moisturizer will.

02. Imparapheksana will remove all face.

03. Praimarera base or will face.

04. SPF sunscreen, but the quality will be less than 0.

05. Kansilarera mouth will work.

06. Will remove facial wrinkles.

07. Foundation will work.
Garnier BB cream miracle skin perfector :
Before buying the BB cream, I have heard comments vary from different people. No one is good for dry skin, oily skin and others for the better. But in my opinion it is good for oily or combination skin. Light coverage from the BB cream will Siyar. Face to create the base of this cream is good, but the color black, or maybe they will not match the food. There is only one shade of Garnier BB cream. This is the first BB cream is a little lighter, but the later aksidaija. Moreover, our country is a lot of heat, this BB cream for the summer at the “No”. Because 3/4 hours after the aksidaija face is black. Perhaps it would be good for the winter. But it should be after any moisturizer.
Some discussion about BB (BB) with cream
BB cream is good for a light day make-up. But its name with the success of Garnier BB cream miracle skin perfector has to maintain. No “miracle” does not. In addition to sunscreen BB cream that’s in this F-4 SP, and those who go to college or office, they can use. But hours later, a little touch-up should be 3/4. And there is no foundation in any gunaguna kansilara. It will cost 235450 (price according to size).
Ponds white beauty cream ++ :
This is the latest BB cream Ponds companies leave the market. Ponds are many times more than I like garaniyara. Skin color is a shade of it all, but with a good suit. It is a lot of lights, is to blend well. Light to medium-quality coverage. Small spots on the face, but redanesa cover, with large spots of cream for a different way to kansila. It’s the natural finishing and the good thing is that it does not aksidaija mouth. Moreover, it has SPF 30 PA ++ on. BB cream is fairly in all gunaguna. It will suit almost all tbakei. However, normal, combination, better for the skin. Oily skin should be up to the touch after 3-4 hours. And if you have dry skin with moisturizer before taking any. 80 will cost you money.

Maybelline Clear glow BB cream :
BB cream is better than all of these three aspects are shed. According to the shade of his skin color, so anyone will be able to match. But it is not good for oily skin. Good for dry or combination skin. Moreover, it has SPF 21 PA ++ on. This BB cream is thicker than the other, so it’s a little difficult to blend. There will be approximately 8 hours in the face. Those who’ve been out a long time, they can use it. This very white face, but after the first, then it becomes natural. It takes a lot of faces brighter. Black spots on the face, redanesa away. Its coverage is good coverage, but the Foundation will not like. Suitable for daily use.

Some discussion about BB (BB) with cream
How dibenah BB Cream
Brush BB cream than I meant well by hand. Cream applied to the face, dot dot, will blend well with your hands. After finishing redanesa in the face, dark spots, dark circles under the eyes can be seen in the just the place with the BB cream with a light finger to blend it with Deb.
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