Covered with ugly black spots below the eyes to remove makeup

See these posts and Solve your ugly black spots below the eyes

One part of the beauty of the face is the eyes. When the ink under the eyes can reduce a lot of facial beauty. Cucumber juice, potato juice is still a lot of dark circles under the eyes. It is not possible to remove dark circles under the eyes in a day.

Regular use gently removes the ink. With the help of makeup to cover up some of the ink in the eye. However, the makeup is not properly seated on the skin that is worse.

 easy to learn some of the techniques for your ugly eyes black spots

1. First, any good quality skin moisturizer to use. Take the skin primer. The Praimarera layer is not too thick, so you should watch it.

2. Use under-eye concealers now. Concealers will help cover under eye dark circles and puffiness.

3. Beauty Blender that blends well with the skin by applying concealers. Blender can be used instead of using the fingers. Concealers with massage of the skin with a finger, and mix well.

4. Use the skin foundation. Use color to match your skin Foundation. Do not use a color shade lighter than your skin color.

5. Another layer of the skin, use concealers. Be sure to blend it well. Just below the eye, nose, forehead, use concealers. The skin color is one of the places.

6. The makeup setting spray to spray on the skin. The makeup will be a long time in certain places. Will not be easily broken.

7. You can use white or light color eye shadow to the eyes look brighter.