7 face makeup to cover sickness

7 face makeup to cover sickness

If the body is not healthy at all times. If you fall ill for a long time once again to impress the face of illness. Sits in the eyes, skin color darkens. If the time to read any of the programs in danger! To hide the lifeless facial skin is more foundation laganotai issues. But this time it’s pretty easy to follow some tips.

Face sickness cover 7 mekaapa

1. Light Foundation

No Foundation Foundation Stick to light instead of heavy. The skin will look brighter. Likuiyeda Foundation BB cream can be used instead. BB cream is easily mixed with light skin. It is covered with the skin of any Dagao.

2. Use nose kanasilarera

If you have a cold or runny nose is red nakata. Tip of the nose is red. To solve this problem, apply petroleum jelly in the nose. The red light on top of the nose in order to apply karekanasilara be covered.

3. Get rid of eye puffiness

As a result, viral fever, swelling’s going down in your eyes, dark circles can be read. This problem is to get rid of bags under the eyes for 15 minutes to keep the cold out. Eye swelling will disappear in a moment.

4. Dark color lipstick

If you become sick face dim. This samayahalaka lipstick colors, use lipaglasa adds to the appearance of rust. So this time the dark color of the lipstick should be used. This is to show your face to shine klasi you will have a look.

5. Drink plenty of water

When sick, skin, hair and even body becomes dry. So at the moment we should drink plenty of water. Mayoscaraijara should be adjusted to remove the external dryness.

6. Do not use black makeup

As a black color without the use of heat or painted dark colors should be used. It may be green or blue. Kajol does not plump or thin heat should be applied. It will shine in your eyes. Bhabao pale faces will be covered lot.

7. Use karlarera

Masakaralagana thick dense pages to the eye and the eyelids karlakare Carla Take an eyelash. The eyelids were thick and black.