6 ways to easily fix the domestic natural lip nigrescent

6 ways to easily fix the domestic natural lip nigrescent

Beautiful, healthy pair of pink lips, all more or less desirable. Beautiful pink lips adds to the beauty of the face. Looks beautiful without lipstick or Lip Balm. But the sun’s ultra-violet rays, smoking, tea / coffee and a variety of factors such as our lips moved nigrescent. Which is very uncomfortable. Bring back a whole bunch of pink lip lips away dusk feeling that there are some natural and simple way. By using certain household chores can get back to a healthy pink lips. How to Know

1) cream

Sarera milk pink lip tint retention through this process has gone on since ancient times. In ancient times the queen used this method. Through this method, you can get back to your lip lost luster. Move milk mixed with honey and apply on the lips. Within a few days you will be on the lips several times a day using a pink tint.

2) honey

Honey is a natural ingredient that helps to brighten the skin. Lip skin is no exception. Honey from your lips to remove the dark coloring your lips will tender.
Put it on your lips at night before going to bed a little bit of honey overnight. Thus, a few weeks before going to bed every day and apply honey on the lips. Will be a few weeks away nigrescent lip.

3)lemon juice

Lemon juice is very well known as a bleaching material. It is a very effective instrument to remove lip nigrescent. Before going to sleep at night with a little lemon chips fresh rasati massage lips very well. To do this follow the rules every day. Lip color you can see the difference within a few days.

4) Sugar

So a lot of sugar is used as a natural scrubber. Sugar Scrub your lips with the lip with the lip of the dark coloring of dead skin is removed. The same is true for the lip as important for skin scrubbing. 3 teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons butter misiye together to create a paste. Scrub this paste to your lips with at least two times a week. The dead skin off your lips and pink lip tint nigrescent will disappear.

5) ice

The ice does not attribute many of the ideas. Rubbing ice on a line that is lighter spots. A piece of ice and rub your lips every day. The dark coloring on your lip will be removed. The amount of residual moisture in the lips with the lip of the ice will be rid of coarseness hand.
6) Beetroot
Beetroot lip color and brightness of light to raise a number of components. Beetroot juice with lips that glow. So put your lips fresh beetroot juice can also remove the lip dark coloring.

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