5 rules to comply with health Hair Place

5 rules to comply with health Hair Place

Healthy, beautiful hair does not just increase the beauty of our impact over our personality. For all the beauty of the hair is much more important. All hair is not the same, so taking care of the hairstyles are dharanao different. But keep in good health, all the hair is easy to play the game 5. You will get for a healthy and gorgeous hair.

1) Oil Massage
3 times a week to warm oil massage. Pair of hair to retain moisture is not Orthodox. Coconut oil, amanda oil can be used. The hair root to the tip of the finger massage. 1 hour before shampoo massage oil. Massage the hair root due to get comfortable and sleep well. If you want to use mustard oil can make hair thicker.

2) eat
First, focus on eating for beautiful hair. Green vegetables and fruit juice is very important for hair. Fresh milk and yogurt can eat for healthy hair. Coconut helps make healthy hair. Salad, fruit can be used to sweep out or coconut rice. Refined, processed and canned food Eat less.
5 rules to comply with health Hair Place
3) Stress
Stress is harmful to hair color and health. So stay stress technique such as various types of Aleksa meditation, music therapy can try.

4) brasim
Do not wet hair never amcarabena. Use a large brush to untangle the hair stand up. If using wooden combs are best. Please try deep conditioning treatment once a week.

5) Natural Products
Do not use harsh chemicals hair care never. If you need to at least 3 times a week Natural klenajara shampoo, conditioner use. Coconut oil massage.

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