4 morning exercise

4 morning exercise

4 morning exercise

According to experts, woke up to the light, ‘stretching’ the body or body tension ‘myajamyaja’ feelings helps us to live.

We are Provide for you 4 homemade morning exercise.

One in four said sariracarcabisayaYoga lotus position, sitting in front of hands as much as possible to increase. During the fingers of two hands to fold down. In front of the palm. The two hands on the head gently to withdraw. From the waist to the right and left sides as much as possible to be.

At the surface of the body, shoulder, arm and waist are stretched.

Lying on back with legs must be raised above. A knee with his hands folded on his stomach pressure should be brought on the opposite side. Hamtuke the floor and dragged him towards the back to bend from the waist. However, there should be two shoulder must be attached to the floor. Similarly, the left and right legs to exercise.

Through this exercise, back, spine and hip muscles are strrecim.

Fold down the back two legs, two hands, palm down, on the day of body weight. Reclining at the back of the head slowly and leaned over the whole body from the waist to above must be raised. For a while, go back to the previous state rethe. This exercise will be repeated.

Buttocks, stomach and chest muscles are tight these exercises.

Deep breaths to draw standing up straight with both hands overhead to be tight. In addition, the heel of the foot to stand up. The whole body will be tight. I will come back out of breath. The body bending from the waist with his hands to try to catch toes. However, the knee can not be folded. Through this exercise the neck, the back, the back of his knee, neck, hands, everything will be tight.

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